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Essential Script Analysis Workshop (Practical Aesthetics)

  • Play With Fire Acting Studios 6th Floor, 113 Pollard Street Manchester, England, M4 7JA United Kingdom (map)

About the Course

Dates: Sunday, October 20th (10am - 6pm) & Tuesday, October 22nd (6pm - 10pm)
Cost: £120/£100
Location: Play With Fire Acting Studios,6th Floor,
Hope Mill, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester, M4 7JA

This course runs for a full day (10am-6pm) Sunday and one evening (6pm-10pm) Tuesday. Please note all sessions must be attended.

Why do we need script analysis?

Ever felt lost on stage? Maybe you’re emotionally charged but are unable to focus it anywhere meaningful. Or perhaps you’re lost in your own head - confused, self-concious and mechanical. What if you’ve done all your ‘homework’ out of guilt but all it’s done is left you feeling like you’re painting by numbers, lifeless and uninspired.

This is where a good script analysis technique comes in.

Why This Technique?

There are many script analysis techniques out there and to be sure you need to find what works best over time for your mind, however they are not all created equal. Practical Aesthetics is a great place to start or come to when the previous techniques have failed. It provides the essentials and a framework giving you a reliable, practical and efficient system to apply to any audition or script situation.  

What is Practical Aesthetics?

Practical Aesthetics is a practical approach to acting, developed by the director and playwright David Mamet and actor William H Macy. It was developed as an antidote to the confusing, inaccessible and shame inducing acting approaches, often promoted in mainstream actor training. It draws from the later writings of Stanislavsky, the works of Sanford Meisner, Joseph Campbell, Aristotle, Carl Jung and philosophy of stoicism.

It’s ethos is simple and effective and is an essential tool for anyone who feels they have never had a truly reliable and systematic technique from which to approach any and every script. Too many systems and teachers ask you to ‘have a technique’ without ever giving you a basic scaffolding on which to develop your own person approach, or alternatively demand you only adopt and memorise their specific ‘all encompassing’ textbook. This is not another 12-20 step system that tends to confuse you further. This is a simple 4 step technique that will do the only thing an acting technique should do, set you free.

What to expect?

  • Learn from scratch the fundamentals of the Practical Aesthetics approach to acting

  • Learn to apply your common sense through a simple 4-step script technique breakdown

  • Be guided through how to correctly navigate the technique and apply it to any script

  • Translates directly into ‘on-your-feet’ exercises that mirror the script technique

  • Learn how to be a self sufficient actor and form a foundation from which to build upon

  • Strictly limited number of participants to allow enough time for discussion, individual work and feedback

“Taking part in the Practical Aesthetics workshop is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dan is so knowledgeable about the technique and makes it incredibly accessible and easily digestible to beginners that I never for one moment fell into the desperate and unhelpful trap of trying to master and move on. As a consequence, it was highly enjoyable and incredibly exciting two days that has given me a strong foundation of a technique that I shall now begin the process of applying in my work. Thank you Dan.”

Olivia Frances, Workshop Participant Aug 2018

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