The Mindful Acting Blog


Let me start by saying that the often overt and severely definitive tone in which this blog is sometimes written, is no more than a characteristic flaw of my all too human personality. Although I express myself passionately in the posts that will follow, I encourage no one to take what I say on face value or blind faith alone. You must test these thoughts and theories against your own experience with an unwavering, yet deeply curious, scepticism. At times I may even contradict myself in order to search for the truth and the clearest way to articulate and conceptualise it, so that I may share what little I come to understand about the world and the craft of acting with others. I’m inevitably going to fail many times but I can think of no better way of doing that, than by running at that brick wall head first.

My aim, first and foremost as a writer and teacher, is to help actors develop a sustainable and healthy relationship towards acting and life.  I hope this comes through.