Testimonials (1-1)


Iain Rodrick

"What has struck me most about my time with Daniel is his willingness to help actors through the often perilous and frightening terrain of performance, without judgment, aided by a skill set as comprehensive and accessible as anything I could have hoped to come across. Daniel’s approach is clear, concise and very powerful. After every session I feel like I’ve gained some new insight into myself as a performer, or have been able to grasp some previously unknown depths of a text. A tremendously encouraging and trustworthy acting coach who will do amazing things for anybody that trains with him."

Nuala Maquire

"Dan is a great teacher - He makes you feel comfortable to explore your weaknesses and helps you to build on your strengths as an actor, ensuring you stay vulnerable whilst knowing your skillset -ultimately making your toolkit sharp and practiced! In a fast consuming industry -Dan's 1-1 tutorials help to support the individual needs- if your refreshing and honing your craft as an actor in any capacity you will feel the encouraging impact of Dan's intuitive, impressive work... bring him problems, he is like an actor mechanic and he will help you solve them !"

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David Wills

"Daniel has helped me immeasurably in our one on one sessions. I felt in a safe environment where I was able to express myself fully and tackle the hurdles that I felt were holding me back.  His approach to acting helped me to reconnect with myself and in turn, connect fully to the work. I felt able to be more emotionally available than I was previously when working on a scene. After each session, I felt motivated and was eager to get started on assignments he had set ready for the next session. I would definitely recommend for any actor who is wanting to connect more and to work from a deeper place."

Kasey Christian

"I have worked with Daniel on both a one-to-one basis and in a class room environment. I must say that his attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge, teamed with a diverse skill set is second to none. He really helped me dig deeper, be braver and work harder. I can’t recommend this man enough!"



Rebecca Le

"After doing a Scene Study class with Dan I was so eager to pick his brains more for help with some audition pieces I had hit a dead end with. Dan has a whole plethora of knowledge, wisdom and techniques and working with him has done wonders for the way I approach a text and my confidence when approaching a scene. Dan has helped me recognise and break down my personal barriers in acting that I didn’t even know I had and the one to one style is perfect for creating the supportive, safe space to learn, fail and develop and I really feel like they’ve helped me grow as an actor and weirdly as a person also! Dan is the loveliest guy, an excellent teacher and I would recommend a one to one with him to anyone looking to develop as an actor."

Melanie Crawley

"I can’t recommend Daniel’s acting coaching highly enough. In preparation for a recent audition, I booked a one hour session; following on from the work we had done previously in the Scene Study class Daniel runs, we were able to work substantially and quickly on two audition pieces. I felt confident, prepared and keen to perform for the panel. When I auditioned, I left the room knowing I had done the best I could have, which has done wonders for my confidence. Subsequently I received feedback from the director: 'Your audition was really strong, it was an intelligent, emotional interpretation of the text, and had a real edge to it, which was exciting to watch. Your monologue was also great, a really good choice and showed you had great presence and understanding of the character.' which is a tribute to Dan’s coaching!"



Diana Atkins

“My sessions with Dan have had a profound impact. We start by discussing the weeks progress and what I want to focus on this week so that Dan can tailor the session accordingly. Dan guides me through a mindfulness meditation before we move on to working with text. There’s a lot of feedback and helpful discussion. And then Dan suggests reading or exercises to try that week. 

I have become much more aware of my emotions and ways in which my body and breathing have been restricting these so that I hide them from an audience (and myself). I have the tools to allow myself to experience and express these emotions through my acting and in life more generally. I’ve also been focusing on being less self critical through principles of acceptance and it’s working! The principles and practice of mindfulness for acting that Dan has taught me has had a far reaching positive impact on many areas of my life. Dan creates a safe but challenging space in which I have achieved far more than I imagined possible. I can’t speak highly enough of Dan and the sessions.”