(Mindful Acting Classes)


Jess Pearson

I have never felt so at ease in an acting session that I have with Dan and Cristina. Their plethora of knowledge with mindfulness was so well understood that it meant they were able to tune into every person mindfully and help each individual in a deeper level. Personally, I have never been to in an acting session where I was able to truly and vulnerably be myself without judgment.

In previous trainings it has been about how I got to that ‘moment’ or ‘perfromance’ regardless of how it may affect me personally. With Dan and Cristina we were taught how to use tools to be able to look out for our thought patterns or behaviours before, during, and after performing. Any knowledge or tools to help me best understand how my mind works is the best kind of knowledge. This will only benefit me throughout my life. Thanks Dan and Cristina.”

July Ensemble Student

“Brilliant course perfect for acting as well as for life. Dan and Cristina provide a safe space with kindness and compassion that enabled me to overcome fears and blocks to my creative self. I don’t wanted it to finish I will be definitely be doing more courses with Dan and Cristina, thank you.”

Peter Hodgson

Essential for the modern actor, mindful acting allows students to acknowledge their feelings and gain awareness of their body so that they can become better actors!

Paul Stephen Evans

“This course has helped me be kinder to myself both as a person and as an actor . It’s inspired me and helped me grow and I recommend it wholeheartedly.”